5 Tips to Gardening

5 Tips to Gardening

  1. Plant planting: Before planting plants, it is necessary to consider the growth environment of the plant, the size and shape of the root system and other factors. In the selection of soil cultivation should choose organic fertile soil, and according to the needs of the plant to add an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer.
  2. Cultivation: In the process of plant growth, it is necessary to pay attention to water, sunlight, temperature and other factors to ensure the growth and development of plants. Also, we should pay attention to the prevention of plant diseases and insect pests, and take timely measures to avoid plants being damaged by it.
  3. Pest control: In horticulture, there are often some pest problems. We should take timely detection and treatments, such as biological pesticides or chemical pesticides, but also should note the use of methods and dosages.
  4. Fertilization: Plant growth needs nutrients, and appropriate fertilization can promote plant growth. We should choose the right type of fertilizer and control the dosages according to the needs of the plant type.
  5. Pruning: Pruning is an important technique in gardening which help to promote the growth of plants. Pay attention to choosing the right time and way to prune to ensure the health and beauty of the plant.


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